The History of the Company


Hi!   I'm Jim Nagele, owner of Classic Lures of Hatfield Pa.


Woodworking has been a hobby my entire life.  Over a decade ago I began making lures under the guidance of a pro lure maker.    I have been making lures ever since.  Each year I try to present at least one new one.  These lures are based on very old designs.


Furniture grade woods including Eastern Cedar, Pine, Poplar, Bass and some exotics are used for all lures.


Best thing is, as I said, the styles are not new and do not need to be proven.  They have been around for at least 100 years catching fish the entire time.  Thus the business name Classic Lures.


I'm happy to say that Classic Lures has grown and is now considered one of the east coast premier wood lure providers.

I attend shows in the Pa-NJ areas. Look for the schedule on the web site.


As of 2016 some non wood items were added.  They were carefully selected for the fishing in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey although they will work anywhere.


Lately we began making printed lures for the advertising specialty industry.   Businesses, clubs, individuals and  organizations can benefit from having a quality lure with their name, logo, or anything on it for much less money than found elsewhere.


Thanks for your business