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 Classic Lures of Hatfield is a craftsman shop and has been providing hand made wood fishing lures since 2005.  Constructed of top quality woods with an occasional special wood, all with quality finish!. Sizes for bass, panfish, trout, walleye, pike, blues and most other types. No two are exactly alike. All the lures have quality and craftsmanship  second to none. Each standard wood lure is dated, signed and tank tested!  We have also added non wood lures.  These are polycarb SWIMBAIT lures that look and swim like a real fish. All items shown in the store are for a limited time AND limited in quantity.   Check back frequently as the inventory is always changing!


  In 2017 we have added segmented swim/diving fish, jelly beans, flutter lures, and frogs.  Some with rattles. Since we are a manufacture  the prices are lower than stores. Not all are not sold on line. They are only available at our shows. 


Classic lures does not have a retail store nor do we sell live bait.  See us at area shows.  Check out dates/locations on this site.


Printing Available
Standard or Custom Colors




We custom print on lures.  Excellent for clubs, organizations or resort operations.  Minimum quantity applies.  See Lure Printing.